There’s something bigger than gadget lust underway. At a time when American Greatness is under physical assault in the Middle East and economic assault by China, Apple is our answer to the world. We still do tech better than most everyone else, and most cities would love to have a gleaming Apple store to call their own.
The Magic in Apple’s Devices? The Heart - NYTimes.com

I spent last week with a good friend from Scotland, who now is getting a little nervous about Thursday’s vote. I just shared John Oliver’s show with him. Wonder how he feels now?

Internal promo poster, created by Dean.

Every culture elects some central virtues, and creativity is one of ours. In fact, right now, we’re living through a creativity boom. Few qualities are more sought after, few skills more envied. Everyone wants to be more creative—how else, we think, can we become fully realized people?
Creativity Creep - The New Yorker

The Perfect Recordings


New Yorker music critic Sasha Frere-Jones recently compiled a series of four playlists on Spotify of “perfect” songs: vol 1, vol 2, vol 3, vol 4, vol 5. Among the songs found on the playlists are Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blue Moon by Elvis, Pony by Ginuwine, Tranmission by Joy Division, Tennis Court by Lorde, No Scrubs by TLC, and Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin. The playlists are also available on Rdio, courtesy of my friend Matt: vol 1, vol 2, vol 3, vol 4, and vol 5.

Jack Burris shared this yesterday. It’s just too funny not to share. (But before I did, we vetted it with Anne and Lyn. Who thought it was hilarious too.)

I know. I’m an early adopter. In this case, very early. But I can’t resist Navdy. How about you? http://www.navdy.com/L2wClnnG

Ideo reinvents the shopping cart, part 3.

Ideo reinvents the shopping cart, part 2.

Ideo reinvents the shopping cart, part 1.

New Club Car ad for local magazines. Apparently this home has an “alternative vehicle” for every driver in the family.